Super Flipside Press Kit

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About Super Flipside

Super Flipside is a fast-paced arcade action game for Windows, Mac, and iPhone created by Brian O'Keefe. Players are tasked with controlling two separate ships simultaneously through randomly generated waves of varying obstacles.

This style of gameplay is meant to challenge and strain the player's multitasking ability. Players who are successful sometimes speak of entering a zen-like state, playing almost mindlessly and allowing muscle memory to take over.

A single game of Super Flipside usually takes less than a minute to complete, making it an ideal game to play in quick bursts. But don't let that fool you; Super Flipside's difficult but fair gameplay, catchy soundtrack, and unique two-toned visuals will keep you coming back for more.



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Super Flipside is the sequel to Brian O'Keefe's first Xbox Live Indie Game, Flipside. While Flipside first introduced the multitasking mechanic seen in Super Flipside, Brian knew that its potential was never fully reached and thus set out to create a sequel. Development took approximately one year.


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